Yogurtland: The 12 Days of Yuletide Yumminess!

Yogurtland is running a holiday promotion called The 12 Days of Yuletide Yumminess. We stopped by last night and tried the Chocolate Mint Cookie yogurt and it was TASTY!! I’m just sad that I missed all of the previous flavors.

The flavor schedule is as follows:

Dec 1: One Eggnog nogging

Dec 2: Two Nuttrbuttrs nipping at your nose

Dec 3: Three Blueberry Tarts-a busrting

Dec 4: Four Brownie Batter’s stirring

Dec 5: Five S’mores a-melting

Dec 6: Six Yuzus yule love

Dec 7: Seven Butterfingers brightly shining

Dec 8: Eight Chocolate Mint Cookies cooling

Dec 9: Nine Tiramisus tingling

Dec 10: Ten Chocolate Macaroons a-ringing

Dec 11: Eleven White Chocolate Macadamias making merry

Dec 12: Twelve Gingerbread yogurts jingling all the way


(Image via Yogurtland)

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