Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats

Dr. Scholl’s has come up with a great idea with the introduction of Fast Flats. Fast Flats are a small pair of fold up flats that you carry in your purse. In theory they sound like a great idea, but I’m not sold. How great can they be for $9.99? Although, when my feet have had enough (high heels, blister, etc) I would wear plastic bags on my feet and be quite happy. I can only suffer so much for fashion!!!


(Image via Walgreens)

3 thoughts on “Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats

  1. The soles of my feet are quite tough. I have been going barefoot outside since I was little, and in 34 years I’ve only cut my foot once. However, the rest of my feet are sensitive. I say I have princess feet. If I look at a pair of high heels I get a blister. I get them on my ankles, my little toes, and the tops of my feet. So if I’m wearing shoes that are giving me a blister I’ll just go barefoot.

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