Kidrobot Yummy Breakfast

I know…I know….I’m a grown woman and should not want to collect Kidrobot Yummy Breakfast keychains, but they are so cute I can’t help myself. Heidi Kenney’s work is adorbale:

“Heidi Kenney is a self-taught artist who creates plush and 3D soft sculptures, happy (& sometimes very sad) plush veggies, donuts, toilet paper rolls, and other everyday food & household items. Born in Washington DC, Heidi currently lives in Pennsylvania. She started her company and website, My Paper Crane, in 2001 so she would have a place to blog and showcase the plush toys she was making. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Print magazine. She has participated in group exhibitions across the globe including Tokyo, Australia, and The United Kingdom. She recently had her second solo show “If You Lived Here You Would Be Home” in Seattle, WA.”

We stopped in at Urban Outfitters this weekend and I purchased one (cinnamon bun smily guy) and now I’m hooked. Yeah for Ebay where you can buy them for cheap…..

The shadow box idea is soooo cute.


(Images via Kidrobot & Flickr)

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