Sugar Paper: The Classic Ampersand

Love, love, love this gold ampersand print from Sugar Paper. Never tired of the ampersand…. a classic.

Once again, this week has been kind of a whirlwind and I didn’t blog nearly enough…or at all (oops!). Exciting news though…I accepted a wonderful new job this week. It all happened so fast, but I’m really excited and the opportunity is amazing. It’s a fun and challenging departure from my current field.


(Image via Sugar Paper)

Dwell On Design: Whitey Board

While we were at the Dwell On Design Show this past weekend,  Whitey Board was handing out Write & Erase Sticky Notes. SO AWESOME!! Whitey Board has a ton of fantastic products, like stick-on white boards and dry erase paint, which come in various textures, finishes and sizes. I love the reusable post-it notes because they were free and given out by a robot…YES A ROBOT!!! Best swag of the show.


(Images via me and Dunn Edwards Facebook)