Happy Valentine’s Day


These cards from Etsy seller Katie Vaz made me giggle! We’re not huge Valentine’s Day people…plans include cooking crab legs at home and probably some sweatpants and TV. My kind of night!!

(Image via Katie Vaz)


The Invitation: Awesome-Ness

Sorry for all of the videos lately…I’ve been pretty busy this week.

I hope this is how people feel when they receive our wedding invitations in the mail…and WE’RE having an open bar!!! SO FUNNY!

Definitely puts things into perspective about the whole wedding planning thing.

Caution naughty language in video!




Sugar Paper: The Classic Ampersand

Love, love, love this gold ampersand print from Sugar Paper. Never tired of the ampersand…. a classic.

Once again, this week has been kind of a whirlwind and I didn’t blog nearly enough…or at all (oops!). Exciting news though…I accepted a wonderful new job this week. It all happened so fast, but I’m really excited and the opportunity is amazing. It’s a fun and challenging departure from my current field.


(Image via Sugar Paper)

Dwell On Design: Whitey Board

While we were at the Dwell On Design Show this past weekend,  Whitey Board was handing out Write & Erase Sticky Notes. SO AWESOME!! Whitey Board has a ton of fantastic products, like stick-on white boards and dry erase paint, which come in various textures, finishes and sizes. I love the reusable post-it notes because they were free and given out by a robot…YES A ROBOT!!! Best swag of the show.


(Images via me and Dunn Edwards Facebook)