Orla Kiely for Method Home

I squealed with delight when I saw the Orla Kiely Method Home display at Target over the weekend. Let’s just say I’m stocked up on hand soap for a while. Method recently posted an interview with Orla Kiely on their blog. Love her so much!!!


(Image via Tumblr)


Tommy Bahama Candles = Pretend Hawaii

Maybe it’s because my friend “D” is in Hawaii right now and everyone at my office seems to be vacationing somewhere exotic, but I feel like I need a tropical vacation. Camping next weekend in Santa Barbara is about as tropical as we’re going to get this summer (not that I’m complaining), so this past weekend I picked up a few Coconut Mango, Tommy Bahama candles and was magically transported to a Hawaiian beach. Their candles smell so good!! It’s all about visualization and heightening your senses right!?!? I think I also need a Mai Tai to maximize the experience.


(Image via Tommy Bahama)

Motif Living

I don’t know about you, but I’m a super messy person. I try to keep moist wipes in my desk, my car, at home for when I have coffee spill, or food explodes, or I get sticky hands. I really love these Motif Living Moist Wipes and Hand Wash. The packaging is super cute and I love that it doesn’t say Kleenex or Baby Wipes on the container. Another big plus is the available scents….Citrus Zest & Ginger, Water Lily & Herbs, Pomegranate & Rose. Finally a presentable and good smelling moist wipe.

P.S. The wipes are only $1.99 and the hand wash is $3.99. I love them even more!


(Images via Motif Living as seen on Home Design: Martha Stewart)

Rolling Greens Hollywood: Learn & Craft

My friend “D” and I took a Learn & Craft: found object candle making class at Rolling Greens this past weekend. The class was being taught by a women from Mine Design, whose candles Rolling Greens sells. For $25 Rolling Greens provided a found object of our choice (photo 2) and old keys, ribbon, twine, and buttons for adornment, and we learned how to make soy candles. I decided to make a Belgian berry and “D” made a cucumber mint candle. The candle in the bottom right corner of the top photo is mine, in all of it’s glory!! I it came out really pretty and smells amazing. Rolling Greens has learn and craft, and learn and grow workshops throughout the year…I will definitely be taking more.


(Image via Instagram & Facebook)

Susanne Lang, Lotus Blossom

I’m really picky when it comes to perfume….I like scents that are soft but not too floral or sweet. Lately, I’ve been alternating between a couple of scents, Stella McCartney’s Nude and Midnight Bakula from The Body Shop. For Christmas, my friend “M” bought me Susanne Lang: Lotus Blossom perfume from Anthropologie. I REALLY like it a lot! Now I will smell EVEN nicer in 2011.


(Image via Anthropologie)

Erica Weiner: Victorian Trend Modernized

NYMag did a little write-up about Erica Weiner Jewelry, specifically on their beautiful vinaigrettes. Kind of a neat idea…..I guess you could try this with any locket. “In a sweet new collaboration, jewelry designer Erica Weiner and perfumer D.S. & Durga have modernized a throwback Victorian trend.”NY Mag

“Vinaigrettes are perforated lockets with aromatic smelling salts or vinegar inside. A lady could sniff these to mask the unpleasant aromas of 18th-19th century cities. Possibly the oldest and most common type of vinaigrette involves a square of linen soaked in an aromatic liquid.”


(Images via Erica Weiner)