Miss Dottie and Her Valentine’s Pup

DottiePup1 (1) DottiePup1 (2)

We bought Dottie a new toy at Target last week. We mainly bought it because it’s almost as long as her and super adorable! Can’t you just tell she loves it?

JB refused to carry it around in the store. He’s very secure in his manhood but draws the line at a four-foot stuffed pink puppy dog!


(Images via JB)


Let Me Vacuum Up the Glitter First


Does anyone else feel like the stores jump from one holiday to another REALLY QUICKLY? It seems like Christmas decor and lights started appearing in stores really early this year.  Yesterday I heard a radio commercial screaming  “Only 44 days until Valentines Day!” Enough people!! We literally just celebrated New Years…can I have a minute to breath before I buy more useless crap. Let me get the glitter vacuumed up and the tree put away before I beat myself over the head with hearts and arrows.

I will admit it though…this puppy dog candy bowl from Target is REALLY cute. But no, I will not buy it on January 3rd…because it’s just wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if Easter Grass starts to magically appear in January. I want to be able to celebrate and shop for the various holidays on my own terms.


(Image via Target)

Our 2012 Family Holiday Card


Here’s our 2012 Holiday card! Dottie had a mini photo-session at the Burbank Animal Shelter Pet Fair, in November, and the photos turned out so well we decided to use one of them on our Holiday card. We received some fantastic photos of Dottie and the proceeds from the shoot were donated to the Burbank Animal Shelter.  She looks so happy and fluffy! Happy Holidays!!!


(Image via Zazzle)

UNIQUE LA: Growler Goods


We UNIQUE LA‘d it up this weekend and boy was it CROWDED!! I guess crowded is good for the vendors, which equals more sales for them…but as a visitor it’s kind of hard to see everything up close when there are so many shoppers. Overall we had a good time and bought a few Christmas gifts. My favorite new vendor was Growler Goods. I think it also helps to have an adorable puppy sleeping in your product. SO CUTE!!!

“The Saguaro Tipi – The foundation of Growler Goods and a symbol of the resurrection of the primitive canine and the freedom he stands for. A bohemian in fur.

In today’s modern world, it seems that many of the intrinsic core needs of life have been forgotten. We’ve decided to focus on bringing the den instinct back to the fore of a dog’s everyday existence as it’s in this state that they are truly at peace with their surroundings. Our products are designed and hand-crafted to align organically with the natural world and all it has to offer – an ecological approach.

Equally important to making quality products is our desire to help dogs in need. With the purchase of each Growler Goods product, we can all be a part of giving back to the animal community by helping to sponsor a dog. Our promise is to remain as loyal to them as they have been to us.”


(Images via Growler Goods Facebook)