We Are “Snoamflakes”


Lately, I have really been missing snow. Being Canadian and all, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until there is snow, a roaring fire and hot chocolate. Last night we attended a holiday tree lighting and they had foam snow or “snoam” as I like to call it. It just didn’t have the same effect as real cold wet snow. Hey…at least they tried, right? Yeah for snoamflakes!!


(Image via Marc Johns)

UNIQUE LA: Growler Goods


We UNIQUE LA‘d it up this weekend and boy was it CROWDED!! I guess crowded is good for the vendors, which equals more sales for them…but as a visitor it’s kind of hard to see everything up close when there are so many shoppers. Overall we had a good time and bought a few Christmas gifts. My favorite new vendor was Growler Goods. I think it also helps to have an adorable puppy sleeping in your product. SO CUTE!!!

“The Saguaro Tipi – The foundation of Growler Goods and a symbol of the resurrection of the primitive canine and the freedom he stands for. A bohemian in fur.

In today’s modern world, it seems that many of the intrinsic core needs of life have been forgotten. We’ve decided to focus on bringing the den instinct back to the fore of a dog’s everyday existence as it’s in this state that they are truly at peace with their surroundings. Our products are designed and hand-crafted to align organically with the natural world and all it has to offer – an ecological approach.

Equally important to making quality products is our desire to help dogs in need. With the purchase of each Growler Goods product, we can all be a part of giving back to the animal community by helping to sponsor a dog. Our promise is to remain as loyal to them as they have been to us.”


(Images via Growler Goods Facebook)


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, lots of eating, hiking, relaxing, movie watching, and crafting. I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner, I’ve started some of my shopping but definitely have a ways to go. I’m trying to resist all of the Cyber Monday sales and keep telling myself “I don’t need it!” The Kate Spade 75% off sale has been the hardest to resist. Evil Kate Spade!!!

My friend brought me this fun Canadian Goofy back from her trip to Disney World. It’s making me feel homesick for Canada….I never thought I would ever say that I miss the snow.


Day At The Beach: Gray Malin

This gorgeous photographs from Gray Malin are giving me some serious beach envy. On a hot day like today, I would love to be lounging on the beach drinking a margarita. Can I have this job?

“Photographer Gray Malin travels the world snapping the most luxurious beaches and pools from a bird’s eye view. Once we shook off our initial pangs of jealousy, we became entranced by the beachscapes as seen from this playful new perspective.

Beyond just showing summer at its best, the images turn real life scenarios into abstract planes of color and shape, as colorful umbrellas, towels and tiki huts form patterns on the expansive sand and sky scenes below us. As Malin said in an email to HuffPost Arts, “A simple beach or pool becomes a blank canvas that allows me to start seeing the world as art.” (As if we needed another reason to love the beach.)”


(Images via The Huffington Post)

Tommy Bahama Candles = Pretend Hawaii

Maybe it’s because my friend “D” is in Hawaii right now and everyone at my office seems to be vacationing somewhere exotic, but I feel like I need a tropical vacation. Camping next weekend in Santa Barbara is about as tropical as we’re going to get this summer (not that I’m complaining), so this past weekend I picked up a few Coconut Mango, Tommy Bahama candles and was magically transported to a Hawaiian beach. Their candles smell so good!! It’s all about visualization and heightening your senses right!?!? I think I also need a Mai Tai to maximize the experience.


(Image via Tommy Bahama)