The Invitation: Awesome-Ness

Sorry for all of the videos lately…I’ve been pretty busy this week.

I hope this is how people feel when they receive our wedding invitations in the mail…and WE’RE having an open bar!!! SO FUNNY!

Definitely puts things into perspective about the whole wedding planning thing.

Caution naughty language in video!




Tina Fey: Twitter Police

This makes me laugh…I will admit that my life is pretty boring and I don’t really need to be tweeting about it. I don’t think anyone other than JB and maybe Dottie care what I’m eating for breakfast. I’m definitely a band wagoner when it comes to Twitter…I’ll admit it 🙂 I would give licenses to Seth McFarlane, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Anthony Bourdain…Tina Fey if she was on Twitter.