I’m So Sexy…

Don’t ask me how I ever snagged a fantastic, sensitive, attractive and loving man with my horrible nighttime ensembles. I saw this picture and laughed SO hard. This is totally me ALL the time. My favorite outfit and his too (yeah right!!) is when I wear my winter flannel pants with this crazy winter pattern (think hearts and snowflakes), a polka dot fleece pullover, and big fuzzy socks. I always joke that I’m going to give him motion sickness just from walking down the hallway. I really need to revamp my night-time style, yet still remain warm and toasty. Friday is payday….maybe an attractive pair of lounging pants are in my future? I know that JB would like it!


(Image via Lizzy Stewart)

Oscars 2012: 3 1/2 Hours I’ll Never Get Back

Did anyone else feel the Oscars were super boring? The sets looked dated, there were no musical performances, and Bill Crystal (I normally love) was just plain bad. We started playing the “take a drink every time someone tells a bad joke game”… there were definitely a lot of them. I also didn’t feel like there were many fantastic gowns or wow moments on the red carpet. My favorite by a landslide was Bernice Bejo from The Artist. The color, the beading, the emerald earrings….I’m think I’m in love.


(Image via Wonderwall)

Forever 30…I Feel Old!

I never in a million years thought that I would wear colored jeans again. I wore them when I was a whole lot younger….and somehow I purchased three pairs over the weekend  (rust, mustard yellow, and turquoise). Don’t tell anyone, but I kinda like them. As I was checking out, I said to the sixteen year old sales person “I didn’t think I’d be wearing these again…I feel like I’m  back in elementary school!” and she looked at me and said “oh were they popular then…I’ve never worn them before.”

I feel OLD!! There’s probably a reason why it’s called Forever 21, and not Forever 30 as I refer to it.


(Images via Forever 21)

Etsy: Behida Dolic Millinery

I really love hats, but don’t ever feel confident wearing them in public. Other people pull them off really well, but I just feel and look goofy. These hats from Etsy seller  Behida Dolic Millinery could change my mind about sporting one. Her hats are GORGEOUS!!! I love the 20’s and 30’s so it’s no suprise that I’m drawn to these works of art.


(Images via Behida Dolic Millinery)