Miss Dottie and Her Valentine’s Pup

DottiePup1 (1) DottiePup1 (2)

We bought Dottie a new toy at Target last week. We mainly bought it because it’s almost as long as her and super adorable! Can’t you just tell she loves it?

JB refused to carry it around in the store. He’s very secure in his manhood but draws the line at a four-foot stuffed pink puppy dog!


(Images via JB)



192951165256948428_NhLnAzTE_cThis is how I’ve felt the last couple days. I’ve got the sickness that’s been spreading around the office. I don’t think it’s the DREADED FLU…it’s more like a nasty cold. I just want to lay down and snuggle Dottie, or have her snuggle me!


(Image via Gemma Correll)

Six Months to Go…


Now that it’s 2013, I’m just starting to realize how quickly the wedding date is approaching. I think it really started to sink in when I got a few “B” initialed items for Christmas and I was like “Oh yeah…I’m going to have a “B” last name soon.” We were engaged in early May so I’ve always felt like we had TONS of time to plan and get everything done. I guess we should probably start finalizing details….it’ll be July 6th before we know it!! My brother, sister-in-law and nieces, sent us these adorable Monogrammed Mugs from Anthropologie for Christmas and I totally love them. I think because they have the “B” monogram on them 🙂


(Images via Anthroplogie)