One Lucky Blog Award

Big thanks to visual artist T.D. Nicholls, from Thoughts From A Cafe for nominating A Girl & Her Dot for the One Lovely Blog Award. Totally made my day!! Thoughts From A Cafe, showcases T.D. Nicholls amazing artwork and daily musings. Definitely check it out!

Here are seven things that you may or may not know about me:

1. In tenth grade, I had to perform a figure skating and synchronized swimming routine in front of my whole phys-ed class (everyone had to do the routines in order to pass the class). I think my partner and I ended up picking a Mary J. Blige song for the skating routine. Definitely an odd choice of music for figure skating.

2. Last Halloween, I dressed up as Miss America 1980…sequins, red roses, glitter sash, teased hair and all. I really should have been Miss Drag Queen 1980 because with heavy my make-up and my super pointy gold high-heels I looked more like a drag queen than a pageant girl.

3. I can’t resist baked goods…..pastry, bread, cookies, donuts, cake, etc. I turn into a ravenous beast around pastry and can’t stop my self from shoving more into my mouth. Which is why it’s great that I’m with someone who loves to bake!?!? I did have to tell JB to hold off on the baking lately…diet + baking does not = weight loss.

4. When I watch Hockey I turn into this screaming, yelling, crazy lady. Apparently the Canadian come out in me when I watch our national game. A couple of months ago, we went to a Kings vs. Oilers game and I got into a friendly trash talk session with a couple of Kings fans..I think JB was frightened. Kings, I’ll give it to you this year!

5. I want to open a stumpy dog rescue farm in Santa Barbara. I would rescue and adopt all types of low rider dogs that needed homes. Corgi, dachshund, and basset mixes running around all over the place.  ADORABLE!!!

6. I know a lot of people don’t like her, but I kinda like Bethenny Frankel. I’ve been known to buy her SkinnyGirl products before and her talk show is currently recorded on our DVR.

7. I’m one of the few people in the world who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Not a huge fan of the Facebook…I know that most people love it, but I find it kind of braggy and annoying. When I did have an account (about three years ago), an acquittance used her sonogram picture as her profile picture, I was like “I’m done” I don’t need to see this much of your life. Literally!

Here are a few of my One Lovely Blog Award nominees:

11 Miles to Cool

Daily Katie & Sam

Stylish Furniture & Decor

I read a load of fantastic blogs, but these are a few of my favs! Three creative and inspiring lady bloggers.



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