Benefit Cosmetics “Gaze At Me Glow”

My skin is pretty fair and often bronzers are WAY TOO intense on my skin. It looks like I’m an Umpa Lumpa, when in reality I’m a super-super white Canadian girl. I was at Ulta the other day with my friend “D” and I noticed that Benefit Cosmetics has a new product called One Hot Minute. It’s a light finishing powder with a rose-gold tone. I love that it gives me a slight glow, like I’ve been in the sun, but doesn’t make me look like I live at Sunset Tan. Definitely a must have for my summer make-up bag.

“For a gorgeous “gaze at me glow” sweep this loose rose-gold finishing powder over your complexion & décolleté. All it takes is…one hot minute! The accompanying custom brush dusts on the perfect amount of powder for a beautiful sheen. Tinted for radiance on all skin tones…anytime, anywhere!”


(Images via Benefit Cosmetics)

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