Bicycle Kitchen, Los Angeles

My friend told me about this place in Los Angeles called Bicycle Kitchen. It’s a non-profit bicycle repair educational organization, where you can go and get help fixing your bike. JB and I both need to fix a few parts on our bikes to make them functional and I’m thinking this is the place to do it. What a great idea!!

“We are a group of volunteers who run a space in Los Angeles filled with tools and stands for working on bicycles. Our hope is that you will come down and work on your bike! We will help you. We ask for a SUGGESTED DONATION of $7 per hour (no one is turned away for lack of funds). We have almost every tool you could need and every shift at least one of us will be able to answer whatever question you may have…(hopefully).

In Addition to tools we have tons of old donated bike parts and some semi-complete bikes, every now and then we get a fully operational bike.”


(Images via Bicycle Kitchen)


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