Potted: Mossquarium

My friend “D” gets the credit for introducing me to these wonderful Moss Balls or Marimo as they are referred to in Japan. She told me about them around Christmas time, but I didn’t end up seeing one until this past weekend while JB and I we were at Potted. “D” only found them on the internet, so it’s exciting that Potted is now selling the individual moss balls and mossquariums. Right now my moss ball is just hanging out in vase full of water at home, but I would eventually like to turn the vase environment into a full mossquarium with rocks and shells as pictured above.

“Moss balls, known as Marimo in Japan is a species of filamentous green algae that form in lakes in Japan and Iceland. Easily cared for, these little “pets” grow in tap water at room temperature as long as the water is changed every one or two weeks. Photosynthesis occurs in indirect sunlight making them a wonderful way to bring nature into your home. They make a fun and unusual gift. Each Marimo Home comes with a glass vase, a bag of coarse sand mixed with glass mulch, a chunk of slag glass, sea shells, and a branch of drift wood. Add your own mementos to personalize.”


(Images via Potted)


4 thoughts on “Potted: Mossquarium

  1. I must have this! How big are yours? It looked like a common size to sell is 5 cm or smaller, are yours bigger than that?

    You so get me. 🙂 (I forgot to mention how gorgeous the ring is, it is faaaaabulous!)

    • My moss ball is approximately and inch and a half in diameter. It’s huge compared to what my friend found elsewhere. I like my moss balls big…what can I say. LOL!!

      JB did a really good job with the ring, exactly what I wanted 🙂

      • Apparently those larger ones are 7 years or so old! But they can live a long time… I’m soooooo getting some of those, what fantastic low maintenance and yet zen garden like creations, thank you again for the tip!

        Yay pretty ring! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (It is pretty spectacular…so unique just like you two!)

        (Have you seen the new Bravo reality show about an LA wedding planner called…. Weddings, something. She is blond and hilarious and the first realty person I’ve liked watching in a long time. She does more unusual weddings.) Anywho.

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