It’s a horrible habit, but sometimes, I get caught up comparing my life to others. Don’t we all? I really like my life and need to remember that everyone is moving along on their own path and at their own pace. Typically, it’s the people you think that have it all together who actually have the most baggage and insecurity.


(Image via The Great Divorce as seen via House of Earnest)

2 thoughts on “Comparison

  1. Good quote and good reminder. I find myself quite often asking, “Why does that bad person get 27 iPads and I get none?” I have to admit, thoughts like that do suck out a lot of joy. Thanks!

  2. So, not that I want to quote Crunchy Betty every time I comment (haha), but she had a great post a while back about happiness and wanting things etc.
    I think my favorite line is this: Would I be happier if I had the thing or if I got rid of the want? Just interesting things to think about. Thinking about comparison is a good one. I think it is hard to remember that we all take different paths and they are each wonderful and different. By the way, it just snowed a little bit here. :(. I think tonight’s soccer will be cancelled. Enjoy California. (not that I am comparing!!). :):)

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