Engagement Story: I REALLY Want to Go For A Drive…..

So here’s the engagement details. Friday night we decided to try the new restaurant, Take A Bao, in Studio City. After dinner we had tickets to the Arclight Sherman Oaks to see The Five Year Engagement (I had no clue the engagement was going to happen that night and just booked the tickets while I was at work that day). We had a lovely dinner and had about an hour to spare before the movie started and JB suggested we go for a drive up Mulholland. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough time and said “why don’t we just snoop around the Galleria and get some popcorn.” It was really cute because he was like “no, I would REALLY would like to go for a drive.” Ok….we can go for a drive if you want to. We drove up to the Mulholland Universal Scenic Outlook and I said “it’s so pretty.” I still had no clue even when we got out of the car and walked over to the outlook point. Only when he opened the ring box and popped the question did I realize what was happening. The whole thing was perfect!!

My ring is an estate piece from Lang Antique and Estate Jewelers in SF. We picked it out during our SF trip and I am so in love with it. I think what I love most about the ring is that it is from the 20’s and has a very long (almost 100 years) history behind it. Also, there’s no other ring like it. It’s a true original.

Oh and we will not be waiting 5 years to get married like in the movie 🙂 Hopefully next Spring or Summer!!


(Images via me)


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