JB + AD = 3 Years!!

It’s our three-year anniversary today!! Woot, woot! We’re not huge anniversary people, but every year we go back to the Gastro-Pub we had our first date and have dinner and drinks.  We both order the same thing we ordered on our first date (mac and cheese for me and pulled pork for him), and sit in the same area. Most of the dinner is spent talking about our first date and what each of us were thinking. It’s cute and I look forward to it every year!

Three wonderful years with a fantastic, extra special guy, that I love very much 🙂


(Image via Minted)

One thought on “JB + AD = 3 Years!!

  1. First off, super-congratulations! That date sounds heart melting adorable! Love it! I wanted to mention also that I loved the photo of your mom and dottie, omg, that looked like it belonged in some big fashion magazine and we were meeting a fashion mogul in her cool pad with hip dog. It just had that ‘feel’ and your mom is just gorgeous too! (And seems ‘just that cool’) I’m glad you two had a wonderful time visiting, I love Vancouver which I’ve visited several times and have a ‘canada kicks ass’ shirt my canadian friends gave me. 🙂

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