Fun Times with the Canadian Mama!

I’ve been a very bad blogger. I’m always a littler perturbed when a blog I follow doesn’t blog for over a week. The last couple weeks have been crazy pants…my Mom was visiting from Edmonton, Canada and before she arrived we were just really busy. No excuse, I know. But I’m back and that is all that matters right? Here are a few photos from the last couple weeks. Photo 1: Mom lounging with her grand-dog Dottie, Photo 2: Dottie wrapped like a burrito, Photo 3: Madewell Store window in Pasadena, Photo 4: Latte art from Le Pain Quotidien, Photo 5: Bingo cards from Drag Bingo @ Home Restaurant, Photo 6:  Roxy Wood, our bingo caller from Drag Bingo, Photo 7: Mom and I at Bob’s Big Boy after Disco night @ Oil Can Harry’s. Lots of fun times!!!


(Images via me)


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