Ikenobo Ikebana @ Herman Miller

Last night, my friend “D” and I participated in a Ikenobo Ikebana workshop at the Herman Miller offices in Culver City. Neither of us have any prior floral arranging skills, but all of the arrangements turned out extremely gorgeous. Everyone at the event made two arrangements and then donated one of the arrangements to a local hospital. Hopefully the arrangements brighten the day of a few hospital patients in the Los Angeles area. My two arrangements are in the top photo. I donated the arrangement on the left. Sorry for the fuzzy photos.

With each new IKEBANA arrangement, IKENOBO continues a tradition of creativity that began over 500 years ago. IKENOBO is based in Kyoto, Japan, at Choho-ji (Rokkaku- do) Temple, a temple said to have been founded by Prince Shotoku.

The Japanese word IKE means “pond”, while the word BO means “a priest’s hut”. Suggesting a priest’s hut next to a pond, the two words combine in the name of the family that has headed this school of IKEBANA, IKE-NO-BO. Succeeding generations of priests were famous for their skill in arranging flowers, and IKENOBO thus became “the origin of IKEBANA”.      – Ikebana International


(Images via me)

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