Motif Living

I don’t know about you, but I’m a super messy person. I try to keep moist wipes in my desk, my car, at home for when I have coffee spill, or food explodes, or I get sticky hands. I really love these Motif Living Moist Wipes and Hand Wash. The packaging is super cute and I love that it doesn’t say Kleenex or Baby Wipes on the container. Another big plus is the available scents….Citrus Zest & Ginger, Water Lily & Herbs, Pomegranate & Rose. Finally a presentable and good smelling moist wipe.

P.S. The wipes are only $1.99 and the hand wash is $3.99. I love them even more!


(Images via Motif Living as seen on Home Design: Martha Stewart)

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