Susan Feniger’s “Street”

Last weekend, we tried Susan Feniger’s Street for brunch. The food was pretty good, but we felt like the service could have been a whole lot better.  The waiter didn’t really check on us much and service was super slow. We both had the unlimited Champagne Cocktails (best part of the whole brunch) and then ordered the Croatian Apple Fritters and Kaya Toast to start. The one thing we noticed was how sweet everything was…overly sweet for our taste buds. For an entrée, JB has the Steak and Eggs which he said was good, and I had the Hawaiian French Toast. The french toast was kinda burned and once again WAY TOO SWEET. We finished the meal with the cookie platter and I ordered a Hong Kong Milk tea. I don’t know if we will go back, it’s very pricey (fortunately we had a coupon) and I didn’t love the food. I think we both had really high hopes.

JB did take this cute video of me while we were there.


(Images via JB)

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