Pure, Clean, Soy Candles

The other day while I was at Target, I picked up a Mint Basil candle and instantly fell in love with the scent. I’m pretty picky about candle scents, but this one is very clean and fresh smelling. The whole collection is fantastic….they have great scents like lemon verbena, fresh lilac and garden blossom.


(Images via Target)

2 thoughts on “Pure, Clean, Soy Candles

  1. I found these at TJ MAXX – luckily, there are three TJ MAXX stores within a 15 minute drive in any direction of my house, so I went around, and shamelessly hoarded about 10 assorted three-wick tins, 1-wick tins, and glass jars — out of the three stores – of the Mint Basil and Fresh Lilac. I am ADDICTED to these two candle scents. They had Vanilla Bean and Lemon Verbena little tins too; but I wasn’t so wild about those.

    These candles are heavenly, and at about $5.99 apiece, a STEAL!

    Very very happy there are TJ Maxx stores around here that stock them! 😀

  2. can anyone help me find the Illume pure clean soy fresh lilac fragrance. My son’s friend lost her mother suddenly last November and that is the last thing she gave her before she died. Unfortunately, it is almost empty and we have been looking everywhere for this scent.

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