Re-Entering The World Of Employment!!! YEAH!!!

I’M BACK!!! I wasn’t planning on taking such a long break, but a lot has been happening in the last three weeks. First big news is… I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB!!! Woot, woot!!! It’s been interviews and part time work at a cute little sewing store that’s been taking up all of my time. My blog has been taking a back seat to work….after eight months of being unemployed I was happy to be able to focus on work again. I start my new job at an architecture firm on September 6th and I’m really excited!!! Other than that, my mom came to visit last week and my lovely beige bullet is back in the shop this week. Yes, after $2100 worth of work, my car needs a few more touch-ups. I’ve also been sewing quite a bit…working in a sewing shop has given me inspiration to start sewing again. Check out me in my lovely new dress!! Hope you’re not too mad at me for taking such a long break…I’m definitely back and in a better spot in my life.


3 thoughts on “Re-Entering The World Of Employment!!! YEAH!!!

  1. Cngrats again, and the dress is lovely…what pattern did you use? I’ve been getting back into knitting a bit…it’s getting cooler at night and I’m feeling like winter is on it’s way! ( not for a while, but still!)

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