“Modern Porcelain With A Vintage Beat” = Hey Day Design

One of my favorite booths at The Renegade Craft Fair, this past weekend, was Heyday Design. Canadian designer, Claire Madill, creates these fantastic Canadian inspired vintage jars……I’m so in love with them. As a fellow Canadian, I feel as though it’s my duty to own a beaver jar.

“we’ve been in love with vintage canning jars ever since finding our first ‘improved gem’ jar in the summer of 2008;  since then, we’ve discovered an impressive array of styles in the cupboards and basements of our grandparents as well as, luckily, the odd thrift store.

these are a modern take on an vintage canadian staple:  refined porcelain vessels that refer to their utilitarian past.  each piece is glazed on the inside as well as outside lip for ease of drinking, should you choose.  the outside body is left unglazed so we can indulge in the shadows of the surface fonts and design, but the porcelain is non-porous (or vitrified)  and therefore fingerprints, etc., clean off easily.  before being sent out into the world, each piece is given a final sand so that the surface is buttery soft to the touch.”


(Images via Hey Day Design)

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