Half Full Or Half Empty

Pessimist or Optimist? Which one are you? I hate to admit it, but sometimes I think I’m more of a pessimist…..or maybe I’m just a realist? Realist sounds better than pessimist, so we’ll go with that!


(Image via Josh Perkins)

4 thoughts on “Half Full Or Half Empty

  1. I choose to think I’m a realist, not a pessimist… though I don’t think I’m overly pessimistic either. But if I have to choose a side, I think it would be that one.

  2. The glass half empty/full thing always brings me out of hiding. I used to say, “It doesn’t matter. All I want to know is how big will the spill be when it has been knocked over.”

    These days, though, I simply say, “I bet that’s pee.”

    Count me in the negative column!

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