L.A. Creamery: Artisan Ice Cream

L.A. Creamery recently opened at The Americana and let me tell you the ice cream is unbelievably yummy and smooth. JB and I have been a few times and so far our favorites are: Salted Caramel, Guinness, Espresso and Tennessee Whiskey. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge Baskin Robbins fan, but for artisanal ice cream, L.A. Creamery is the spot!!!

“L.A. Creamery is committed to creating ice cream in a responsible and true manner. This means that we respect the beautiful wonders that Mother Nature has created, and we take pride in maintaining that pure quality of flavor. We are proud that we are the first ice cream shop in the entire Los Angeles area to use Straus Family Farms organic dairy to create our ice creams. We are re-defining ice cream not only as a comfort food but also as a true art form.

We here at L.A. Creamery are bringing you full circle: Our thoroughly modern take on an ice cream shop is a diverted route from the old-fashioned, pastel ice cream parlors of the past. But we are bringing back the best of those times with our ice creams themselves. Our flavors rarely have more than 5 ingredients—and no preservatives, hormones or antibiotics, and absolutely nothing artificial. We even make every single one of our sauces, toppings, cones, and baked goods from scratch. By hand. Every day.”


(Image via Me)

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