Broken Microwave = Sad Food + Grouchy ME!!!

My microwave is dying and I am not ready to to say goodbye yet. It makes this sad, whirring noise (like it’s taking its last breath) and the digital clock fogs up whenever I run it. In the last few days, I’ve realized that I’m turning into a crotchetty, old, set in her ways type of woman, because I said to JB,  “I like the way this microwave works and I don’t want to have to learn a new one.” Damn, that new-fangled technology!!! The problem is, I love my microwave, it’s stylish, functional, I know where all of the buttons are and I know how long things need to cook for ultimate results. Through the years (my microwave is 4 years old) I’ve received a lot of complements on it too….. “Wow your microwave looks really expensive and high-tech!”, “Where did you get your cool microwave from?” No one needs to know that it’s from Target and was $64. Getting a new microwave means having to learn the buttons again, How long for popcorn? Where is my potato button? Also, most new microwaves out there are just plain ugly. I feel like I have it all with my current beauty. Maybe she will make a miraculous recovery? Miracles happen everyday.


(Image via Flickr)

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