2.0 Mile Pup is Now 3.6 Mile Pup!!!

Lately, we’ve been taking Dottie for super long walks at night. Last week, we walked all the way to Kenneth Village, in Glendale (1.9 miles) and then turned around to head back home. Unfortunately, her little corgi-labrador legs (due to their short stature) got tired and made it only about 0.1 miles home before she pooped out. She started tripping on her toes and moving very, very slow. Our friend “S” came to the rescue and drove his Corolla (aka Puppy Bus) to pick us up.  I think Dottie really liked the Puppy Bus, it magically appeared out of nowhere to take her tired tufted bum home. She is SOOO spoiled.

Tonight, Dottie broke her 2.0 mile record….we walked to the Starbucks on Glenoaks and back (3.6 miles). Hooray for Miss Dottie Pants!!! As you can see, she’s a little tired.


(Image via JB)

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