Young Frankenstein @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Last night, we attended the Cinespia screening of Young Frankenstein in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. We went with JB’s sister “M” and her husband “S” and had a ball. It’s a really fun experience!! You bring dinner (we brought SOOO much food), drinks, and a blanket to snuggle up on. By the end I was completely wrapped up in my sleeping bag. We also got to see Joey Ramone’s tombstone, which is kind of cool.

“First you see these big beautiful gates opening for you; to me it’s almost like a park,” says John Wyatt, Cinespia’s founder, about the cemetery. For 10 years now Cinespia, in cooperation with the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, have opened those beautiful gates to the public in greater and greater numbers each year. At times, there has been as many as 4,000 attendees in a single evening.

The films, almost always classics, are projected onto a large mausoleum wall not far from the final resting places for Hollywood legends like Rudolph Valentino and Peter Lorre. “I even got to showthe Maltese Falcon, which had John Houston – the director – buried nearby, Peter Lorre, and the writer, too was buried there,” says Wyatt. “It really is a special place in that respect, that the people that worked on the films are there in some form. If you believe in the afterlife, perhaps they’re watching the film with us.” 


(Image via Bing)


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