What Happened to Being Nice?

Is anyone else sick of celebrity culture, and TV shows that reward women for their for BAD behavior? ……..celebrity sex tapes (Kim & Paris), The Real Housewives Franchise, The Bad Girl’s Club, Rachel Uchitel and other now famous cheaters…..the list goes on and on. Do bitches get further in life? I’m starting to think so…….

“I am so tired of watching bad behavior being rewarded. The more outrageous, offensive and mean-spirited the character, the more attention they receive in the media. What a disconnect this is from “real” life! We teach our children the value of honesty, integrity, character and hard work, but let’s face it, that is not what they see being celebrated on television. Look at the antics on Jersey ShoreThe Hills, the various incarnations of Real HousewivesPretty Wild, you name it — good guys finish last (at least on TV).” – Jim Moret, Huffington Post


(Image via Karas Party Ideas)


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