Dog Sitting Miss Daisy

We’re dog sitting Daisy this week. Friends of mine went on a Carribean cruise and asked if we could watch their sweet Silky-Maltese. So far things are going very well….Daisy is super well behaved and Dottie is well behaved  if there is space between them. Dottie has only pulled out her devil horns a few times: growling at Daisy if she looks at her and once tried to hump her while we were on a walk. Pretty good for Miss Bitchy Pants!!!

NOTE: Dottie does not like ANY other dogs….she’s a super princess and gets really jealous around other dogs. I would call this puppy sitting experience a break through for her, since she is able to be in the same room as Daisy! I’m really proud of my girl and Daisy has been a pleasure.


(Image via Me)

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