C Is For The Cookies That I’m Craving

Last night, I had a HUGE craving for warm chocolate chip cookies. I decided to eat fruit instead, since I’m trying to cut back on my sweets. I would definitely consider myself a sweet-aholic. Does anyone know of any low fat delicious chocolate chip cookie recipes? Maybe I’ll try this recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cookies from “Skinny Girl” Bethenny Frankel.


(Image via Flickr)

2 thoughts on “C Is For The Cookies That I’m Craving

  1. Fabulous! I love food. Especially cookies! I am a dietitian at a nationally renown clinic, and if you follow my blog, you’ll see every single thing I eat in a day. Learn to eat like a dietitian! Follow me each day, as I go through real life situations – and temptations! -Notyouraveragefoodie.wordpress.com

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