The Sugarbowl: Amazing Origami Busts

I recently popped home for a quick visit to see my family in Edmonton. While I was there, my mom and I had coffee at the Sugarbowl.

“SugarBowl, located just off the University of Alberta campus, first opened its doors back in the 1940s. Instead of our famous homemade cinnamon buns, students and High Level streetcar patrols were served delicious homemade burgers and fries. Like today, SugarBowl had a warm inviting atmosphere and was a popular to eat, drink and hang out. In 1987 SugarBowl, under new ownership, reopened as a coffee shop offering specialty coffees, lite fare and, of course, the cinnamon buns. The burger joint atmosphere of the 40s gave way to the relaxing Belgium-style café atmosphere with local art exhibits and live music nights.”

We were having coffee and their amazing cinnamon buns, when I noticed these fantastic origami busts on the wall. The unicorn is my favorite. I don’t know who the artist is….boo… but maybe next time someone from my family is there having coffee they can send me the name. So talented!!!


(Images via Me)

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