Hey Smile, Fitness Is Fun!!!

Today, I joined the gym down the street from my house. I’ve been procrastinating for months and finally stepped on the scale last night and was SHOCKED to see the increase in weight. I can now refer to myself as Donut Butt!! A few months back, spin got way too expensive ($15 per class) so I stopped going and replaced it with stuffing donuts in my mouth on the couch. Luckily, this new gym has spin and Zumba classes, so it shouldn’t take long to shed some of the weight. Remember….FITNESS IS FUN!!! Or so I keep telling myself….

My Donut Butt is soon going to be replaced with Buns of Steel!!


(Image via Pinterest)


3 thoughts on “Hey Smile, Fitness Is Fun!!!

  1. cute blog! And good job joining the gym. I find myself getting into slumps sometimes but classes do make fitness fun!

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me or is everyone going on a fitness craze?
    I too just started walking/jogging about 2 weeks ago.
    Well good luck in your work out. I’m sure you’ll have your buns of steel soon.

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