Last Night A DVR Saved My Life

WOOT WOOT!!!! We finally got a DVR … more horrible commercials.

My Top 6 Most Hated Commercials Are: (Three of them are Insurance Commercials)

1. The Esurance Commercials: the one’s with the pigtail chick and the older guy who fight over how much savings they offer through online and the phone. That chick PISSES ME OFF!!! If you’re a certain age, you should not wear pigtails to work.

2. The Progressive Commercials: I can’t stand the Progressive Chick (Flo) anymore….”Common Big Money!!!” The first one was cute, but enough with you’re red lipstick and your Snooki pouf. She even has a  horrible bobble head now.

3. Mercury Car Insurance: A total rip-off from the Free Credit Report Band. “Mercury’s Been Good to Me!!!” The song is HORRIBLE…..and the lyrics aren’t even catchy. I become enraged when I hear the song…

4. Lawyer, James Sokolove’s Disease Warning Commercials: DID YOU TAKE ACUTANE AND DEVELOP COLITIS?… YOU MAY BE COMPENSATED!!! I’m convinced that I should be compensated for having to sit through those commercials.

5. ANY TOP CHEF COMMERCIAL!!!!! Doesn’t it seem like Bravo only has commercials for Top Chef right now? Top Chef this and Top Chef that…. ENOUGH already, “Everyone’s A TOP CHEF.” Bravo makes it look like the show is going to be so INTENSE and the nothing happens during the episode.

6. The “Pass It On” Foundation for A Better Life Commercials:  I HATE THEM!!!! Garth Brooks songs “We Shall Be Free” and and some country singer singing “You Can Let Go Now Daddy” singing about how to have values and be a nice person. They are SOOO cheese-ball. I could be wrong, but it somehow feels like the maybe the church is involved……

I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable TV watching is going to be when all I have to do is press the button and hear “blip, blip, blip!” So worth the $7 extra a month to not rip my eyes and ears out.


(Image via Flickr)


4 thoughts on “Last Night A DVR Saved My Life

  1. I bet a lot of people can relate to this article. I know I can. I watch all my favorite shows using Netflix just so I don’t have to watch commercials.

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