2 thoughts on “Happy Yum Yum in My Tum Tum!

  1. I’m in the San Diego area, and there is a famous donut shop in Imperial Beach, which is south of downtown San Diego, which is run by two brothers, and they make the most amazing simple donuts. Its a little stand, and they open it when they feel like it (usually 10am ish) and close it when they run out (anywhere from a 2-5 hours later.) And when you drive by, you just look for people in line or a window open, they don’t really put a sign out, its hilarious! But they might be the best donuts in San Diego. They’re always fresh and yummy.

    They were in an episode of “Wonderland’ which is a series of shows about San Diego, they were in the Imperial Beach piece, on our local PBS station, and their review is here:

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