I like Free Cookies!!

Here’s a list of 25 activities I want to accomplish during my break from employment (sounds better then being laid off):

1. Submit a TON of resumes. This task is a given seeing that I need to find a job….quickly.

2. Watch the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Inception”. Mid-life crisis + mind bending = a very productive afternoon.

3. Organize my closet, currently it looks like a tornado ripped through it. I also need to organize my shoes as well.

4. Donate clothes and home goods to Goodwill.

5. Take Dottie for lots of hikes. At least I can be unemployed and fit.

6. Go to the Library…first I have to pay off my fines.

7. Skype with my nieces and family more.

8. Eat a TON more fruits and vegetables. I can’t use the excuse “I don’t have time” anymore.

10. Use the crock pot more. BEST INVENTION EVER!!!

11. Go to the Folk Art and Craft Museum in Los Angeles.

12. Read the large pile of books on my night stand. I always fall asleep 5 pages in.

13. Start my Etsy page.

14. Keep working on my photoshop skills. There are always new tricks and techniques to learn.

15. Meditate…I stopped meditating while my work life was super busy.

16. Look into Graduate School…..not sure about this one yet…..we’ll see.

17. See how I look as a brunette.

18. Turn the TV off and do other things like read, or do crafts or meet friends for coffee. The TV is very soul sucking!

19. Starting running with my friend “I.” I’m going to hate this one…grrrrr.

20. Try making Ukrainian food again…this time with a different dough recipe.

21. Meet with a financial planner. There is never a bad time to sort out your finances.

22. Sell a few pieces of furniture on Craigslist. Anyone in the Los Angeles area want a cube shelf from Ikea for cheap?

23. Have faith in my abilities and skills. Think Positively!!!

24. Go to bed earlier…this one is hard when you have no job to go to the next day. It will make job hunting easier because I’ll be refreshed and alert.

25. Stop freaking out that I’m unemployed…and have a cookie.


(Image via Flickr)

2 thoughts on “I like Free Cookies!!

  1. Sorry to hear you are unemployed. What happened? At Christmas time, that’s just evil! I think it’s a sign though for you to find something even better… and start that Etsy page! Good luck:)

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