Joe Kievitt

Since I’m a lover of all things printed and patterned….it’s an automatic that I would love Joe Kievitt’s work. It’s so vibrant!!!


I am interested in the transformative possibilities of materials—the way things are made, the visual, structural and behavioral qualities of materials, and how they react to one another. I want to see how a single mark, or the slightest activity can have a significant impact on an image as a whole. Ultimately, my work addresses the relationship between the process and the finished piece.

I use textile-influenced patterns that subtly distort or fracture symmetry. Simple shapes and lines, repeated in different orientations, spacing, and widths can often produce an optical effect: sometimes kaleidoscopic, sometimes reminiscent of microscopic marine biological forms, and occasionally more architectural and three-dimensional.

I am also interested in the materiality of ink on paper—how ink and watercolor become embedded in the fibers, or when it seems to sit on top of the paper, how the work possesses extreme directness and immediacy, feels ephemeral and un-precious, or appears labored and permanent.


(Image via Joe Kievitt)

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