5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make

The September issue of Real Simple has a great article “5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make” by Amanda Armstrong, illustration by Leif Parsons. I personally think that it’s the errors and mistakes we make in our lives that allow us to grow.

1) Totally Embarrass Yourself – “I tend to think that we are all always one static-cling mishap away from looking like a total idiot – and believing that helps me keep gaffes in perspective.” – Mary Pipher

2) Ruffle People’s Feathers – “Sometimes my ideas will make me unpopular, but that’s better than being a blank slate.” – Mary C. Gentile

3) Follow Trends Blindly – “It took a fashion odyssey to help me find out who I really am.” – Simon Doonan

4) Be Willing to Fail – Doing Something You Love – “I held a wide array of fascinating jobs that I took because they captured my imagination.” -Bill Murphy Jr.

5) Carelessly Put Yourself At Risk – “Most of the time, a high risk situation won’t kill you, because you are stronger than you think. And it’s never a bad thing to be reminded of that.” – Amy Ozols


(Image via Real Simple)

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