The Glow Festival, Santa Monica Pier

We’re going to meet some friends at the Glow Festival this weekend. Here’s the idea behind Glow:

“Glow is returning to the splendor of Santa Monica beach on September 25, 2010.  Building on the extraordinary success of Glow 2008, the free dusk-to-dawn biannual event features the work of international, national and local artists.  Glow is the only all-night art event in the United States that emphasizes the commissioning of original artwork. Glow projects invite active audience engagement and exploration and constantly surprise in their unexpected placement in spaces and times not normally reserved for fine art.  Santa Monica joins such cities as Paris, Toronto, Montreal, Rome, Brussels, Madrid and Riga as part of a global movement producing “white night” or “nuit blanche” events.”

Should be fun….hopefully we’ll find a place to park.


(Images via Flickr)

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