Lovely Air Plants Why Do You Hate Me?

I picked up one of these adorable air plant vases the last time I was at Flora Grubb and alas… has died. It was ok for awhile and then I think I over sprayed it and it got moldy. Then it turned into a crispy brown skeleton. The guy at Flora Grubb, said just keep it sprayed and a little bit moist.  Apparently I over love, reject and then desert. That seems like healthy relationship behavior. I have other friends that have also had no luck with air plants….what’s the deal…aren’t they suppose to be easy to care for?


(Images via Apartment Therapy)


5 thoughts on “Lovely Air Plants Why Do You Hate Me?

  1. It’s not you! That guy at Flora Grub should be reprimanded..air plants need to dry out – never stay moist! If they are solo you just rinse them under the faucet every 3-4 days and then let them air dry. You need to make sure they dry out in 4 hours. If they are in a pretty much closed container like the pics, you water even less. And watering in a container is just filling it up with water for 5-10 minutes then letting it drain upside so they don’t sit in pooling water.
    I swear they are easy to care for! I’m a total black thumb at heart, but look where I am with air plants:

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