When Did L.L. Bean Become Cool?

Maybe it’s because I don’t know the brand very well, but I always thought L.L. Bean was sort of old lady and Eddie Bauer ish? When did they become stylish and hip? Have they always had great pieces? They must have had a great stylist for the shoot.


(Images via L.L. Bean)


4 thoughts on “When Did L.L. Bean Become Cool?

  1. Your really late to the game aren’t you? LL Bean has always been cool, especially in the east. Last year Alex Carleton from Rogues Gallery teamed up with them to do the Signature Line to appeal to the hipster/Americana crowd. Interesting stuff.

  2. That’s okay, i’m not with it either. We’re so uncool that we’re cool again. I like the burgundy skirt and the military style jacket in the middle right. I have way too many jackets. Some women are addicted to shoes and purses, I’m jackets (and Naturalizer shoes a bit).

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