The Game Of Life: Complete Bitch Version

Ok, I try not to rant and rave too much on my blog, but sometimes I just feel the urge. Here is my vent today “WHY MUST WOMEN BE SO BTICHY TO EACH OTHER.” I just don’t get why some women love to play the “How To Be A Complete Bitch Game.” Don’t get me wrong….I’m sure I have my bitchy moments…but in general I try to be a nice person. Some women, however; feel it’s their job to cop an attitude whenever they feel like it. Um…hello ladies we’re all in this together, why can’t we support and treat each other with respect.


(Image via Etsy)

3 thoughts on “The Game Of Life: Complete Bitch Version

  1. I have a version of that game. It’s called “Monopoly,” turns me into a raving psychotic bitch. I think some women confuse being strong, powerful, and independent, with being a bitch. Comes from hanging around with men too much and watching too much Martha Stewart.

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