Kate Spade: Sassy Feet

Apparently, I really want to get dressed up and go to a fancy party because lately I’ve been drawn to sassy party-ware. These Kate Spade shoes (especially the top left pair) make me want to get all fancied up. Maybe it’s because a woman I work with attended the Emmy’s and the Governor’s Ball and she has been talking about how fun and glamourous the whole process was. I’m jealous….


(Images via Kate Spade)


7 thoughts on “Kate Spade: Sassy Feet

  1. Oh, man, I was at the Kate Spade store on Wednesday, and I went just to look at the shoes! Oh, I was like a kid in a candy store, I was oooohing and aaaahhhhing. I can tell you if I found anything from her at Marshalls, I would buy it so fast…and leave fast, just in case it was a mistake.

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