SMASH IT…..Broken Heart…

This is how my heart feels some days….

Corezone is a heart-shaped object in which you can place something, whether a thought or emotion just like a fortune cookie. In order to release your emotion you must — well — break your heart. It’s kind of like a hiding place for secrets, or like the designers Agnieszka Mazur and Dorota Skalska say: “An attempt to fulfill emotional needs by the means of an object, a try to withhold immaterial being in a material space.”

The concept of Corezone was originally developed by Dorota during a semester project at school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. It emerged while she was trying to answer the question if emotional needs could be fulfilled by the means of an object. While Dorota was on the search which material would be best for the concept realization, Agnieszka came with answer and they joined forces. Soon the first of two sets of prototypes were realized in ceramic.”


(Images via Design Milk)


2 thoughts on “SMASH IT…..Broken Heart…

  1. Nice idea but there is no way I would intentionally break it. I’d have to do it on the sly…. walk by it a couple of times…….. then maybe trip and bump into it…….oooops.

  2. Don’t be sad! And don’t break it! It’s too pretty to break. You can shove things in there you want to forget about. Take bad things out of your own heart and stick them in this one and forget about them. It can be a dungeon heart. Torture devices not included.

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