Poketo + Target Collection

I’m excited about the new Poketo Collection debuting at Target this month. There are some great artists being showcased, producing fun items.

What is Poketo?

Poketo is a designer of limited edition art products, accessories, apparel, and decor. Founded by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo promotes the work of top international artists by showcasing original artwork through their fun and accessible wares. Poketo takes art off of gallery walls and makes them a part of your everyday life. Poketo products are available internationally in fine boutiques, museums, and Poketo.com. Poketo.com houses the entire collection and artist roster, and is also a place for people to connect with the artist community. The Poketo blog and photo Flickr chronicles art events, as well as Ted and Angies travels, karaoke sessions, and latest food finds.

Poketo’s HQ in downtown Los Angeles holds bi-monthly art shows, performances, and other happenings. Sign up for our newsletter to find out the latest happenings.


(Images via Poketo)

4 thoughts on “Poketo + Target Collection

  1. We have Poketo coffee mugs from Royal – T. The graphic with the rampaging jellyfish monster is on D’s mug. She likes starting the day with destruction and general mayhem.

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