Angry Thundercloud

****I’ll warn you, this is a venting post!!!

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been feeling kind of crappy and angry mixed with annoyed. Nothing has really happened lately to make me feel this way (other than all of last year)…I just don’t know why everything is bugging me all of a sudden. The only way I can describe the feeling is….when a fly keeps flying around your head and you swat it away but it keeps coming back. I’m not mad at anyone….just little stupid thing keep bugging me. Examples include: last night at 11:30pm someone ran their car for an hour and a half right outside my window, I had to wait three days for my text messaging to start working on my new cell phone, Dottie has been having crazy allergies and her toes are all red (makes me sad), the neighbor who plays Santana loudly each night has moved his two kids into his apt and they scream in the pool everyday, the dog that barks constantly and the owner does nothing. Normally I would just brush these things off, they’re not worth getting upset about….maybe the world has just gotten more annoying over the last couple weeks. I do think manners and courtesy are a dying art and people no longer care about anyone but themselves. Does anyone else feel this way?


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4 thoughts on “Angry Thundercloud

  1. I feel that way all the time! You know what that means? It’s been too long since we’ve gone to get Margaritas!!! Let’s skip spin tomorrow and get some!

    Did you read my second post on rudeness? I read a short story once where someone started murdering people for being rude. As word spread, people started acting polite out of fear of being killed. Maybe not the best means to an end, but effective nonetheless.

    I didn’t realize the Painter (as I call the Santana guy) had his kids move in. I wonder if it’s permanently. They have a cute puppy though.

    • I think that sounds like a fabulous idea!!!! Yeah margaritas 🙂 The only thing that’s keeping me from saying something is the super cute dog.

      I think people just don’t care anymore…it’s more of “if you have a problem, get over it because I’m not changing”

      GRRRRR….people are horrible!!!

  2. I agree. People suck… lol It’s like they don’t realize that the world contains anyone else but them. Though, just sometimes, I almost wish that I could be that ignorant… ha ha… just do what ever I please and not worry (cuz I’m always worrying).

    This is why I like to keep pics of cute animals at work. Then when I get really pissed off I can stare at cute frolicking puppies to simmer down. Try it… it works:)

    • I know, don’t you wish that you could just be rude and oblivious sometimes. I was raised with manners so I don’t think I can do that. I usually go to when I’m feeling stressed or angry. Cute animals help!!!

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