August Anti-Spending

I’ve decided that August (I know we’re 4 days in) is going to be my Anti-Spending month. I will only buy things that are necessary (food, bills, gas…etc.). I’m not going to go CRAZY and eat only baloney and drink water….but I really want to not buy anything that is not necessary in my life….no clothes, make-up, home goods, stationary….I want to see what I can live off of without blowing my August budget on crap. Some items and activities I will have to weigh, like eating out with friends, snacks, booze, etc. I’m going to try to limit these things and really look closely at what I waste money on. No more Starbuck’s Coffees, I’ll bring from home, cooking more at home (way cheaper), visit museums and free entertainment, walk more use less gas. I think it’s going to be really hard because I don’t think I’m as aware as I should be of what I’m spending my money on. We’ll see what happens! I’ll keep you informed.


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One thought on “August Anti-Spending

  1. Why now?? I really need to go out for booze. I have realized that I drink for the wrong reasons. I get angry when I drink a lot and then am not all bubbly-giggly. I drink to be happy, and that’s not right. So now I need a few margaritas to figure out why I should be drinking instead. But now you’re not spending!! And what about my birthday?? It’s later this month! You can buy me a donut. 😀

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