No More Donuts For Miss Alli

I’ll warn you now, this post is going to be about how much I’ve grown to HATE exercise. I’ve been an athlete my entire life….I played college volleyball, I’ve always worked out at the gym (and enjoyed it), but lately I just don’t feel like it and have grown to DREAD it. My theory is, I think I have exercised enough in my lifetime I should just get to be fit forever. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. You can’t save up exercise for later when you’ve decided that you’ve had enough. After turning 29 my body decided that it’s not going to let me get away with ANYTHING!! One donut….add 5 pounds… muffin lets add on another 5 pounds, pie, cookies….forget about it. My body has turned against me after all these years of giving it what it wants. TRAITOR!!! Grrrrrrrr!!! Not fair!!!

The one thing I have gotten into that I don’t mind is Spinning. The place I go to is like exercising in a club with a disco ball and everything. My friend “D” and I go together so we can kick each others butts if we’re too tired or lazy to go.  The problem is I can always find an excuse not to go….I’m tired….I don’t feel well…I need to spend time with Dottie…..etc. Will I ever like exercise again???? I’ve also signed up for a Boot Camp where they will yell me into shape. I feel like lately exercise is torture so why not go to a place that treats it like torture. I know, I know I’m being VERY dramatic….I always feel WAY better after I’ve exercised and my jeans fit better. I also don’t like that my life now consists of watching what I eat and not exercising because I want to, but exercising because I have to. No more donuts for Miss Alli 😦 It’s a sad day in Burbank.


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2 thoughts on “No More Donuts For Miss Alli

  1. You have a typo in the second paragraph, “Will I every like exercise again?”

    At least spin is fun. Terry is a sexy bitch and Jason is hot and angry. And no, I’m not going to explain that comment at all, just let your imagination go.

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