Do Not Compute…..

I don’t know if I’m on board with all of the electronic readers. There is the Nook from Barnes and Noble, the Kindle from Amazon and the Sony Reader from Sony. I always considered reading an inexpensive activity you could take where ever you go with no accessories needed. Now it has turned into where you need an outlet and a battery charger and a 3G plan. I can’t curl up with my Kindle in bed or read my Nook in the bathtub….I think I still need some convincing. The only thing that gets me excited is being able to access thousands of books at once. Why does the whole planet have to be electronic????


(Images via Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sony)


2 thoughts on “Do Not Compute…..

  1. I don’t think any of these things will ever replace traditional books. There’s just a good feeling you get holding a book, or looking at your collection of books on your shelves, or walking into a library or used book store and being surrounded by them. Plus, you never know when one of these technologies will become obsolete, and then you’re stuck with an expensive paperweight and you can’t access your books anymore or move them to another platform. That doesn’t happen with paper. The only good reason to have one is like if you’re going on a trip and this way you can bring lots of books in one little package. If someone gives me one, fine I’ll use it, but I’m not going to buy one. Plus if I bought a book on an electronic device I’d still want it in paper, so I’d be buying the book twice. And you’d think the digital book would be cheaper, but no, it’s just as or even more expensive than the paper book. If you buy the paper book you should be able to get a digital version free or for $1 extra or something. Okay, I’m done bitching now.

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